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LinkedIn is an overlooked platform by many companies when designing their sales funnel.

There is a lot of untapped potential in automated LinkedIn marketing in bringing high quality leads that convert.

Don't Sell - Talk!

People are jaded to Ads & Invasive Marketing.
1 on 1 sales is still the most efficient way to convey your message to your ideal customer.

With Halleys.io you don't just Sell, but Talk to hundreds of leads daily.

Our powerful Ai can not only finds you New Leads but also Sends them Connection Requests, hold human like Conversations and Book Demos on your behalf

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an Amazing Growth Marketing tools to help you scale your Business. Unlike most similar tools on the market, we don’t use automation malpractices that might get your LinkedIn account banned, also our data population service provides you with 100% Accurate LinkedIn URLs and Emails.

You have to input your Social Media credentials into your dashboard for automation to begin, your data is encrypted and is not accessible by us or any other third party.

Halleys scrapes publicly available data from the web, govt and public webpages in order to make it accessible for you.

We provide, LinkedIn URLs, Emails & Phone Numbers of leads using this publicly available data.

This means we don’t find information by magic; all data collected is already accessible to each of our users online, we just automate the process.

No! Halley’s works 24/7 in background. In fact, Automation & Lead Flows run from the cloud, so your Halley’s account doesn’t need to be open for your flows to take place. This means you can set up campaigns & then close your computer and let Halley do the rest.

Yes. A campaign will simply browse the web and carry out actions on your behalf that your team would have done otherwise manually saving time and resources.

Currently, you can’t invite team members to your account. However, this feature is under development & will be available soon.

Yes, we take Feature Requests & all our customer’s suggestions to make our tools optimized as per User needs & wants. You can request or suggest a feature you would like to see by clicking here & we might make it for you. 

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